Scope of Services:

PureSound provides audio and lighting systems for audiences from 100 to 15,000 people. We are licensed and insured, and are capable of handling any indoor or outdoor event requiring high quality sound, lighting and/or visual support. Further, we are equipped to provide event support for multiple concurrent venues such as breakout rooms, satellite stages, and venues requiring both digital audio recording and live sound reinforcement.

Additionally, PureSound offers Event Production Management to assist our clients in working through all the technical details of producing an event. From Electrical Needs to Entertainment Concepts to Special Effects Lighting to Decor and more, let our 75-plus years of event production save you time and money when planning and preparing for your next event.

Travel Distance:

We regularly service the Greater Southern California Area from Los Angeles to San Diego, the High Desert to the Inland Empire and beyond.

Our Equipment Includes:

  • Concert Sound Systems
  • Concert Lighting Systems
  • Dance Floor Lighting Systems
  • Handheld Wireless Microphones
  • Wireless Headset Microphones
  • Wireless Lavaliere (Lapel) Microphones
  • Video Projectors, Screens and Presentation Equipment
  • Backline (Drums, Keyboards, Guitar Amplifiers, etc.)